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Events & Programming

The 1911 Group hosts a series of networking events which include speaker panels, industry luncheons, and dinners. These events are tailored for SMU alumni and feature prominent SMU alumni as guest speakers and subject matter experts. 

Why Join

Membership provides access to top SMU alumni from all industries as well as world-class events. Membership is free for approved applicants.

About Us:
The 1911 Group

The 1911 Group was founded by Lindsey Brown (Dedman Law ’13) and Mitchell Brown (Dedman College ’10 & Cox MBA ’20) after realizing that there was no efficient networking platform to connect SMU alumni across all of SMU’s schools and programs. With this premise in mind, the goal was to create and host events specifically designed to bring fellow SMU alumni together and promote networking, business development, and collaboration. Our hope is that these relationships may lead to future hires, clients, investors, or business partners. To date, the 1911 Group has hosted a diverse range of networking events, with over 150 SMU alumni joining our network.

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